Scenes From a Bar

When Joshua Shaw and Casey Byrne meet at a party in their early twenties they instantly dislike each other—Casey deems bookish Joshua not worthy of her time and Joshua resents her arrogant beauty and seemingly charmed life. Chance and a shared history ensure their paths continue to cross throughout the years, but the encounters are fraught with awkwardness and misguided resentment. Stubbornness ensures that their first impression thrives in the face of change.

Now in their thirties, a mutual friend coaxes them to meet for drinks. An alcohol-fueled game of truth ensues, wherein both Joshua and Casey confess their happiest, funniest, most embarrassing and devastating moments that shaped them as people. Intimate stories of first love and heartbreak, affairs, drug binges, an unplanned pregnancy and career missteps and successes test their first impressions of one another, put loyalties into question and uncover surprising feelings.

Scenes From a Bar is a modern twist on Pride and Prejudice and When Harry Met Sally for anyone that struggled through the minefield of mistakes in their twenties. It reminds us all how often first impressions are wrong and how time is an agent for change.