Marisa Rae Dondlinger’s new novel, Come and Get Me, is available now!

When Vanessa kidnaps her ex-lover’s newborn baby, some might call her evil. Those who know her story might call her justified.

Vanessa thought she found her soulmate in August. Mind-bending sex. Soul-baring conversations. Safety and acceptance and being seen. Perhaps too perfect? Yes. August is married to his college sweetheart, Cassidy. When Vanessa gets pregnant, August manipulates Vanessa into getting an abortion with promises of a future together, but dumps her soon after. Vanessa plots her revenge, kidnapping August’s baby, Daisy, from her nursery.

Each member of this haunting love triangle tells their story as a nationwide search for Daisy ensues. August’s secret affairs play a pivotal role in the police investigation, Cassidy learns her marriage is a sham, and Vanessa struggles to keep Daisy alive.

Come And Get Me is a forty-eight hour pulse-pounding domestic thriller that explores issues of truth and consequence and how one decision can have an unforeseeable rippling effect on countless lives. 

Praise for Come and Get Me

An edge-of-your seat thriller with an intimate look at marriage, Come and Get Me never lets up on the action. Heroes can have feet of clay and somehow the bad guy earns our sympathy. The writing is tight, the emotion raw and the story so compelling I hated to finish it. — Joyce Hurd, author of “Always Forward”

Come And Get Me is a gripping domestic thriller that takes readers on a harrowing journey into the depths of obsession, desperation, and the destructive power of unrequited love. Perfect for fans of twisted narratives and complex characters driven to the edge. – Gayle Brown, author of “A Deadly Game”

Come And Get Me is a fast-moving, gripping, psychological thriller. The clever plot, short, propulsive chapters, flawed characters, severely damaged villain, and concern for Daisy, the sweet baby at the center, made it impossible to put down. I loved it. – Karen E. Osborne, author of “Reckonings” and “True Grace”

Come And Get Me is a tense, compelling novel that will shock you. Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn and Laura Dave, as it explores themes like infidelity, desire, and the bonds of motherhood. –Laurel Ostercamp, author of “Beautiful Little Furies”